9 Best Skin-Care Treatment for a Beauty Emergency

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We’ve all been there before: we are about to go out, and then we see a huge pimple on our face or undereye circles that just won’t go away.  What are the best treatments though? What can we use for a beauty emergency? Well, read on to find out, and learn about the best skin care products you can turn to if you have a beauty emergency.

Lush’s Ocean Salt

If you need an exfoliator that will help you, even if you’ve got sensitive skin, then this is the way to do it. It’s a rock salt, so you’ll feel fresh and smooth skin, which is perfect to do right before you put makeup on. But, don’t try to do this too much. Usually, twice a week is ideal for this, and it definitely will help with making you look even more amazing.

Lush’s Ocean Salt

Kiehl’s Breakout Control Treatment

This is a spot treatment that is sulfur-based, and if you have a 24-hour window, this will change your life.  it’s cleared the SELF beauty testing-induced breakout, and unlike other spot treatments, this one will absorb directly into the spin, preventing you from having to get up the next day or go to bed with white spots that look unseemly all over your face.

Water-Gel Toner

Toner is really important because it’s a way to get rid of areas that are oily and shiny, which in turn will leave it looking powdery and fresh before you throw moisturizer on there.  Toner is simple to use, and you can use it on a pad or as a gel, and once you apply it, it’ll get absorbed into the skin. Lots of times, it’ll matte-ify your skin too, making it look better, and much more even.

Anti-aging Serum

While you may not look old, one of the big problems with skin is that it dries out super easily, and it’s hard to hydrate it immediately, and dry winter months love to eat away at all the moisture in your skin. So, an anti-aging serum will once applied, make your skin look healthy and dewy, and less oily.  The best thing about it is that they usually don’t smell too bad, so if you’re sensitive to scents, this is often a great product for you.


If you want your skin to feel soft to the touch, and look healthier, then put a great moisturizer on there. Moisturizers are perfect for everyday makeup, and if your skin needs that little bit of extra boost to look healthy and beautiful, this is often the way to go. It will help you look better, and it will make your skin feel softer, which is perfect for when it’s dry outside.


Skin Softening Concentrate

Do you ever have those moments where your skin looks and almost feels grainy to the touch? Well, if you’re struggling with that, this is an essential beauty product to have in your kit. It’s perfect since, if you’re unable to fix this, regardless of how much makeup you put on, this is ultimately the thing for you. If you want to make it look amazing, and really enjoy how soft your skin feels, then this is ultimately the product that you’ve been waiting for.

Blotting Papers

Are you about to go out, and you notice that your skin is a little oily? Well, blotting papers are your best friend.  they’re perfect because you can get these, and you just blot the area where there’s excess oil, get rid of it, and then bam, you’re done. it’s a perfect way to save your skin and look healthier before going out.

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Eye Cream

Eye cream is a great tool to have in your kit and is one of the best ways to ensure that you have healthier-looking eye lines.  It essentially is a cream you apply with a metal applicator that will soothe the area and also de-puff the skin. It makes the lines less obvious and will help lift the eyes so they don’t look tired. Eye cream is a great skin tool and can make you look healthier, fast.

Eye Cream

60-Second in-Shower Facial

If you need clear skin fast, this exfoliating cream is a great way to get a quick treatment, make your skin brighter, and also if it works, it tingles.  You don’t have to lather to get pretty skin, just keep this facial on hand.

Beauty emergencies are often a problem to deal with, and even with the best skin treatment, you may have to take care of your skin in the event that a troublesome pimple shows up after your pilates classes gold coast. These products will take care of it fast, and it will make your skin look better, and you’ll feel better about it as well.

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