How To Cure Cold And Cough In One Day For Babies

How To Cure Cold And Cough In One Day For Babies- Relief to Restore Their Glee!

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Here Is How to Cure Cold and Cough in One Day for Babies, Babies are amazing in all that they do and the interesting manner that they grow and make you uncontrollably smile in! The amount of care and love babies require to have a healthy time is also very proportionate to the fun that you have with them. The most nurturing requiring element is a baby’s immunity, since their immune systems are not fully developed at such tender ages. The most common attack to the immune system is served by colds and coughs. Normally, coughs and colds do not attack adults as severely as they do babies, owing to the stronger immune systems of adults. With cold and cough, babies can get very irritated and unhappy, often congestion making it even harder for them. Colds and coughs cause a lot of discomfort to babies, this is why it is best if such ailments are treated as quickly as possible.

Here Is How to Cure Cold and Cough in One Day for Babies.


Garlic is a powerful antibacterial agent and is very effective in treating coughs and colds, even when it comes to babies. Composing all natural properties, it is very safe to use for babies. You can roast some ground or chopped garlic and allow your baby to inhale the fumes by setting the roasted garlic nearby.

Carom Seeds:

Carom seeds, popularly known as Ajwain in India are great natural seeds. Carom seeds  have very powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Letting you baby inhale fumes from some dry roasted carom seeds is a great way to reduce cough and cold in a short span of time.

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Exposing your infant to steam is another method on how to cure cold and cough in one day for babies. The vapors from the steam help to relieve congestion, ease coughs and help reduce all other symptoms of cold. Run some hot water in your bathroom to generate some steam. Hold your infant in the steamy area for a while. You can also put a steamer in a room so that the air develops some steam and humidity , but this requires a lot of caution to protect the baby from the hot water.

Oil Massages:

Oil massages aren’t just beneficial for the growth of a baby , but also help in the treatment of colds , coughs and congestion. Massaging your baby’s body, especially the chest and back with oils such as mustard oil or coconut oil , warmed up to a lukewarm temperature will help to cure cold and cough in one day for babies.

   Adding medicinally rich plants such as Tulsi to the oil is also an excellent approach to treat cold and cough.


Babies are very sensitive and depend on us for their extensive care. Illnesses such as coughs and colds irritate them a lot more than they do adults. Some methods on how to cure cold and cough in one day for babies such as oil massages, garlic and carom seed fumes help relieve the discomfort

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