The Steps Involved in the Fut Hair Transplant

The Steps Involved in the Fut Hair Transplant

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The FUT or the follicular unit transplant is the most accepted techniques in the hair transplant procedure done via taking out the linear strip of the skin from the safe donor zone of the scalp, i.e., the back & sides also known as the occipital & parietal part. The safe donor zone contains the DHT-resistant hair roots that lasted forever and retains their DHT-characteristics despite being transplanted to another location on the scalp. The FUT hair transplant is one of the most long-lasting results given techniques that are mostly applied to cover the extremely greater grade of baldness. The FUT technique is a simple method of hair restoration that involves the incision of the strip followed by the Trichophytic closure in order to get a linear strip contains a number of follicular units used in the implantation process. The excised strip is sent to the dissection room where technicians meticulously dissect every graft in order to obtain them vital to make the successful one!

Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant

In this article, we are mentioning the steps involved in the FUT Hair Transplant Procedure are as follows: –

  1. The Strip excision: This is the first step of the procedure in which a surgeon excised the strip via the simple incision in order to get a mega number of grafts. The linear strip is taken with a certain length by making incisions with a certain depth that makes the possibility of obtaining the grafts with the most viable forms. The sedatives are used to make the procedure a painless and hassle-free. The strip is the fundamental aspect of the procedure that must be obtained precisely.
  2. The Dissection Process: The second step is about sending the strip to the dissection room where many professionals are involved in the dissection job that is done under the higher magnification of microscopes. The higher magnifications of 20X and 200X make the graft size bigger than the actual size and ease the dissection process. The dissection allows the surgeon to collect a number of viable grafts that are finally fulfilling the implantation job.
  3. The Recipient Site Creation: The recipient site creation in the FUT procedure, also known as the slit making process that is all same, either the technique is FUT or the FUE one! The recipient site is where the dissected grafts are placed with a certain angle & direction. The recipient site is created by using the fine instrument the size of 21 and 19-gauge hypodermic needles. The recipient site allows a surgeon to place the grafts in a particular angle and direction.
  4. The Implantation task of the Procedure: This is the final step of the hair transplant procedure that fulfils the restoration job by covering the balding zone with the live hair follicles. The implantation task must be performed by the particular angle and direction followed by zigzag or irregular fashion that meets the aesthetic demand of the hair transplant procedure.

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On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant performed by the FUT technique gives the best permanent hair roots that remain forever on the scalp and aesthetically meet the expected goal of the hair restoration procedure.

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