Malaria Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Malaria Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention: Life Threatening Disease by Parasite

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Malaria is a disease caused by parasite name plasmodium which is transmitted to human by mosquitoes. These small mosquitoes become so dangerous that the disease they transfer even can become the reason of death of a person but it can be controlled also because malaria symptoms, treatment and prevention are also available which we are going to tell you in this article so that this disease can be stopped and lives of many persons can be saved. When a mosquito bite human, parasite goes into his body and after going into human body the number of parasites increase or double their quantity.

Malaria Symptoms and Treatment, Prevention:

Malaria Symptoms:

  • The malaria first symptoms are same as like flu such as pain, aches and fever and the fever is high at least 102 degree Celsius.
  • Generally symptoms you will see after two weeks of getting bitten.
  • Then other secondary symptoms are severe shaking with sweating.
  • Vomiting and diarrhea are also symptoms of malaria and they both come together.
  • These symptoms you can also see in other infections but difference is that in malaria these symptoms last for a longer time.
  • On not getting treatment these symptoms become large they can cause more damage to body like liver failure, kidney failure, bleeding and respiratory distress.

Prevention from Malaria:

  • You have heard that prevention is better than cure so to prevent yourself from malaria you can follow these:
  • Whenever you are traveling outside country especially to those areas where malaria rate is high always take medicines with you and also take doctor’s prescription.
  • Never sleep outside near roads or at places where mosquitoes live like standing water, treys, wastes, or coolers.
  • Before going to outside especially in evening or at night apply mosquito repellent cream on your skin.
  • Only one mosquito is needed to give you malaria so most important is prevent mosquito bites by wearing covered clothes, using mosquito net and always cover open window or doors.
  • Most of the mosquitoes that transmit malaria are active at night so while doing any activity at night try to remain covered in blanket or in dusk or dawn.

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Treatment of Malaria:

  • The most important and first step from where the treatment begins is doctor so don’t be late go fast to doctor as when you see notice symptoms before it gets late.
  • Your doctor will prescribe you medications based on what type of parasite you have.
  • Sometimes medications may not work as they are resistance to drugs in that case your doctor will change medications.

So in this article we had told you about the malaria symptoms, treatment and prevention and how these are noticed and done.

Malaria is a life-threatening, mosquito spread disease and a parasitic infection which takes millions of lives every year and can be controlled if people will get aware about it.

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