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What’s up! We are Write for us health and we are finding some amazing and best guest contributor that can work for health + “write for us” as article and content writer by using their special writing skills, fluent English language and formatting styles.

What we are?

Write for us is a global website that works to help out our readers by providing the accurate and real information on the internet for an individual community. Our motto is so clear, actually we are recently dealing to promotes the health category by proving some contents on their particular objects which is only based on fitness, wellness, holistic, medical blog, alternative medical, nutrition etc. so, we required articles on these topics by our guest contributor.

Why You Should Write for Us?

We understand that the first thing which came across the mind that why you should join us? What is the benefits to do this works and some else. So, the main benefit to join us is this that you will get huge enhancement in your skills, your knowledge will become increase and you will feel react to act. Another benefit is this that after writing articles for submit guest post + “fitness” if your articles will like by our readers and visitors then you become lucky that your fan following list become tend to higher and this will helps you to get some bigger opportunity in your life.

So, if you are now satisfied and make your mind to works for us, then ping us at our website then we will surely respond you.

Some tips on how to write article

We have some guidelines by which you will get an idea on how to prepare an article. Just follow the instruction and be ready to grown.

  • Limit of words

This is the most important topic while you start to write an article because we need those articles which contain words 1000 minimum but you can exceed it as you want.

  • Meta description

First impression is a last impression! Try to give a Meta description of 160 words at leads with spaces which contain some important points which work to describe your intention.

  • Good grammar

Basic but important thing is this that you need to take care of your grammar whiles you making any article. Don’t let ruin by giving any grammatical mistakes in the article. We advised you to write to impress and not only for us but our visitors too.

  • Create your imagery

Images can works to make the article simply informative and good looking too. While making the article 3-4 images in the article which is relevant to that article what you will write at that time.

  • Author’s Bio

You also need to add a short and impressive author’s bio in every article. This will works to leads of people on your fan page and there is no need to say that we would become so happy to see you’re popular day to day.

  • Don’t add adult content

Please feed it to the mind that we are making all the articles for every kind of people whether that is male for female and have any age. So, be conscious and don’t add any adult and sexual content.

  • Make original

Last but not least and that is make those kinds of articles which is good and original and don’t contains any content which was already published to anywhere at the website or internet. Try to makes articles by using your research, skills and talent and checked by copyscape because these things will ensure a best written content.

Final Words

Being a writer of content of write for us is a kind of opportunity for all of people, so don’t let it waste. Come in front of us, begin to write some articles and increase the possibility for be famous in across the worldwide. This is so easy and effective way to increase the golden opportunity for the future life. Just content us and get the full knowledge about us and our works and be a reputed guest contributor of health “write for us”.

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